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We are a company bring that receives and delivers customer orders. We have skilled personnel who deliver customer requests. Are you a group of students or students and want to deliver your order from the restaurant to your school, book now

Customer Service Available in Four Languages

Norwegian | English | Arabic | Somali
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Your satisfaction is our goal and your smile is happiness

If you buy from the Facebook market, we can deliver the same day to you. We deliver requests quickly, such as food or cake from one house to another on the same day, and we help the family that needs delivery services and receive our prices are suitable for everyone. Payment will be when your request is received.

We can deliver to you the small things that you forgot at home or with friends, such as a watch and mobile for 100kr  on the same day.

Pay When You Receive
We can buy you food orders from shops and deliver to you. You can pay the account after delivery of your order
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Bergen Nye Sædalsveien 141, 5099 Bergen, Norway


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947 29 154